by Kathryn Craft

Today I am writing to ask all of you on Twitter and Facebook for your help—and it won’t cost you anything but a little bit of positivity.

After October 20, 1997—the day my husband chose death over life—“choose this day” became my mantra. Each day, no matter how sad or horrified or frustrated I felt by his suicide and the emotional mess it left behind, I chose life—and with this simple daily act, my sense of empowerment grew.

On Tuesday, when The Far End of Happy is officially released, I will have completed a 17-year arc by seeing my novel based on his suicide standoff through to publication. I told that story through the perspectives of the three women closest to him because these women are changed by the day—broken by it, yes, but also capable of healing and making a difference in the world.

Now I want to make a difference.

I want to write inspirational messages and cast them into the wild, random Twitterverse. I want people to be more aware of signs of depression and suicidal behavior. I want to share resources where people who are truly hurting can find help.

Will you join me?


On May 1, I am asking everyone I know on Twitter to post an empowering, positive message or quote using the #choosethisday hashtag. Why May 1? Two reasons: because “mayday” is a distress signal, and because “May Day” is an ancient celebration of renewal. Both play into the notion of positivity and suicide awareness that I hope to advance.

I’m hoping, through a massive number of retweets, to keep this going throughout May, and end with a Twitter event after Memorial Day that is still in the planning stages.

Might you add your voice to #choosethisday? Share your spirit with those who are hurting. A favorite inspirational quote. A small confession of what makes you come alive.

If you don’t yet follow me, please do so @kcraftwriter. I’ll follow you back. If you’re not on Twitter you can still play—I’ll happily accept #choosethislife quotes on my Facebook Author Page as well, and look forward to sharing in your inspiration on May Day and beyond!