Will 2019 be YOUR Novel Year?

by Kathryn Craft

YOUR NOVEL YEARThe results are in! Your Novel Year 2018—my first time offering a full-year novel mentoring program to a small group—was a great success. I offered this in my home in Doylestown, PA and it was not only enlightening for all but it was so much fun. I hadn’t foreseen the way the participants’ imaginations would latch onto each writer’s project. The personalities and interests of those involved bent the course material to their will, co-creating a custom workshop experience. Each writer went home from the full-day workshops with notes they were excited to apply to their manuscripts.

I’ll let them tell you about it in their own words.

“Of all the writing workshops out there, Kathryn’s is hands-down one of the best. She makes every moment count, keeps the energy humming, encourages without coddling, and really knows her stuff. A terrific teacher, she’s always well-prepared, yet eager to seize the ‘teachable moments’ that are often where the best learning occurs. Her handouts are concise and practical; she’s accessible and responsive between sessions; and her feedback is deftly aimed at pushing us toward becoming better and better writers. An outstanding experience!” —Barbara P.

“Kathryn is an excellent teacher, who has the gift of being able to break down complex story structure techniques into digestible, teachable bites. Her critiques are dead-on insightful, but served with humor, and honesty about her own writing challenges. And because of that, I felt like I could admit my struggles too. I came into Kathryn’s course at the beginning of a major re-write on a manuscript, and found the structure of the full day workshops, and turn-in deadlines really supported my process, and created a manuscript that finally worked! I would highly recommend this course for all the reasons above, but mostly, because it was a gift to be able to devote time for my dream, in a supportive group of writers, with a teacher dedicated to quality and success. —Teri G.

“The year-long program was just what I needed to kick-start a novel I had sitting on the back burner for too long. I loved the full-day sessions on craft—and the rigorous schedule of turn-in dates has kept me focused in a way that I was unable to do on my own.” –Dianna S.

“Kathryn Craft’s Your Novel Year is truly the best thing I have done for my writing career. It is both writing workshop and personal mentorship. Kathryn provides the technical tools to move a novel forward, all the while guiding you through your personal story journey. She does so with knowledge, care for her craft, and frankly, a good dose of fun. In the end, if you let her, you might just come away with the heart of your story. I can guarantee it.” —Nicole C.

“I can recommend this without reservation. It’s not a traditional workshop. It’s like small group instruction with a personal trainer. You bring your unique skills and stumbling blocks, and get insightful analysis plus the benefit of seeing how others move through their own challenges.” —Margaret D.

I’m so jazzed about the success of the program that I’m adding an online option this year as well. If you have started a novel (at least 40 pages) and are interested in learning more, write to me at kathryn@writing-partner.com and I’ll send you a brochure with all of the details. Let’s make 2019 YOUR novel year!